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·         1The Slandering of Individual Christians and Their Friends

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The Slandering of Individual Christians and Their Friends

My comment:

Such an article about a person for his religeous beliefs in Switzerland is forbidden. (The Racism Penal Code Art. 261 bis StGB, against their 1. race, 2. ethnic belonging or 2. religion)

Secondly, the Swiss law says that a person has the right to publish in the same media his contrary viewpoint in Article 28g35 of the ZGB.[1]. This right has not been given to the mentioned person.

You removed my viewpoint without discussion. It is on my server and in the internet in Google search engine and does not throw a good light on en.Wikipedia-org.[2] Jean Michel is on facebook and you can query to him personally.[3] He is informed by me and is happy relieved about my action! I will delete this article from the server, if you don't do yourselves. Since Jean Michel has not the time to draw you to Swiss court! He wrote to me: "merci pour dire la verite" (thank you for telling the truth)! So, this article you leave on your server is cruel!

Her wrote in a second statement: DI 17:46 8th November 2016

« oui ils ne sont pas interesses a la verite sinon la leur merci pour tous ton travail et tes efforts Il est vrais que j ai ete juge faussement sans au qu une preuve comptable ni par les comptes de nos entreprises Mais c etait une cabale montait de toutes pieces avec la gauche politique et les denominations jalouses et la presse Oui je n ai jamais commis d escroquerie avec qui que se soit merci bon courage paix et amour en Jesus sur toi et ta famille amicalement JM »



The Jean-Michel and his team association was a controversial Evangelical-oriented new religious movement founded in 1975 in the Vaud canton, in Switzerland, by Jean-Michel Cravanzola.


My comment:

Comment: Are you not ashamed to mention his name without him being convicted, and he lives in America, in your country (I assume most wikiepdia authors do live in the US - thats how it is being portaied) Do you have a conviction act??? You condemn not only Jean Michel, but also his team! That is to much! How do you know who belongs to his team??? You are not even able to cite the real name of the group: Jean-Michel_et_son équipe. His name really is Jean Michel and not Jean-Michel. Ok? I will be able to create Jean Michel 3!.[4]


History and organization

Presented as being charismatic, Cravanzola was born in France in 1945, and grew up in Algeria. He became evangelist in Lausanne and, after two dreams with alleged divine origin, decided to found a hierarchic and patriarcal community in Essertines-sur-Yverdon to help poor people, drug addicts, and convert them. Life in the community was devoted to prayer, work and proselytism. Followers had to sell 30 books per day.[5] 



Jean Michel with his wife lives in the USA and runs a bed&breakfast home. This article about him is very outdated and not representative for Jesus People in Switzerland today (regular Jesus marches in Zurich where I took part in 1970, with over 5000 people marching down Zurich's main street Bahnhofstrasse (what do you think how the public in Switzerland will react to this one![6] It also raises public feelings! in the German past (the biggest part of Switzerland), does not talk about "sects" anymore, but about "cults". There is a new law in Switzerland called "Anti-Discrimination Law and no reliegeous group may be slandered anymore. There are penalties on it if you do that! "The criminal provision against racism Art. 261 bis protects against racial discrimination, which will be held in public. A whole series of actions are punishable against persons on account of their race, ethnicity or religion." Jean-Michel has not been proved guilty by law. One article you are referring to has only one sentence and is from a Google book at page 325.[7] It says, that Jean-Michel succeded to raise publics hatred to some extent against such groups (most Swiss Reformed Church people hate the evangelicals - read article by infosecta! They don't witch hunt Jean Michel, the hunt the "evangelicals", Bible believers (Baptists, Methodists, ICF, World Evangelical Alliance, the union of Freechurches in Switzerland, Jesus day, Jesus march and all publicity about Bible and Christian religeous talk. All they want is that the church remains in the village and their privacy! Especially the Roman catholic Cantons are seperate from the Reformed Cantons, because culture is different, and because the Evangelicals infiltrate their stiff behaviour, they condemn such groups and Churches. Infosektas is financed by the Swiss Reformed Church mainly and led by their theologians.[8] I experienced the Jesus People movment in Zurich.

After an important tax adjustment, the association was dissolved in 1980, but a commercial company with approximately 400 employees and a jewelry factory was founded in the Ticino canton. After a suspicious conviction[9] for fraud in charity, the founder went in Florida and unsuccessfully tried to build a biblical theme park named Bibleworld.[10] In 1992, the company cut Cravanzola's authority and the group ended.[5] There were about 300 believers in Europe and U.S. That life “was devoted to “proselytism”” is condemnatory without any basis. Penal Code Art. 261 bis StGB, against their … 3. Religion. (people are never forced to leave an other community, they always do it by free choice! It is in Islamic countries, that they speak about proselitism, on which often follows the death penatly!


Wikipedia: The community was criticized by some former members and Swiss anti-cult association ASDFI whose founder, Paul Ranc, started to warn the population against the group in 1979.[11] Criticisms included exaggerated focus on donations (voluntary work and double tithe), psychological pressures exerted by Cravanzola, excessive control of life, difficulties to leave the community.[12] In Switzerland, media widely gave negative reports about the community and contributed to raise mistrust towards new religious movements,[13] but French association for the defense of religious freedom CICNS criticized this point of view.[14] 


Answer: You again cite the wrong source! You should cite the Swiss law, since the group existed in Switzerland and not in France! Cite: Article 28g35 of the ZGB.[15]! How people suffer when they leave a cult is not the right answer to the question "but French association for the defense of religious freedom CICNS ist not a French site, but a Swiss-French site! Please be exact! Your readers will otherwise think, France has some issue with Jean Michel in this respect! The problems Jean Michel had in France are of different nature and you don't know about it anything and I don't! So, don't cite something which is not relevant! I say this here and not on any discussion page where the public does not get aware of you deleting my words without mentioning it on any discussion page! I react the same way as you do!

There is an ongoing witch hunt again Jean Michel and his wife:

Somebody asks there in that forum: 01.03.2004 Thème : Mouvements religieux Bookmark and Share « ce mouvement de Jean-Michel et son équipe est-il encore en action et ou se trouve-t-il » ?

Answer: Réponse de : Michel Cornuz Michel Cornuz

Bonjour ! Votre question sur le mouvement de Jean-Michel m'oriente sur Jean-Michel 
Cravanzola: j'espère que c'est bien de lui que vous parlez !!?
En ce qui concerne cette équipe en tout cas, leur dissolution complète est intervenue 
en 1991 (il restait encore quelques locations, sauf erreur, qui ont courru jusqu'en 
1992) et il ne reste plus aucune activité de ce groupe, ni en France, ni en 
Suisse, ni ailleurs ...
Pour plus d'informations sur ce qu'a été ce mouvement, un livre de Paul Ranc 
"Et si ce n'était pas vrai ? Une évaluation de la doctrine de Jean-Michel Cravanzola" 
paru en 1979 aux éditions du Rocher Lausanne (Suisse) Lausanne (Suisse) Lausanne (Suisse) Lausanne (Suisse) pourra vous éclairer: 
il est disponible, par exemple à la Bibliothèque Cantonale Universitaire sur le site 
de Dorigny ou de la Riponne à Lausanne.


Créer un compte

·         Maschpro 05.12.2010

Incroyable le culot de ce type: Cravanzola s'est réfugié aux USA il continue ses activité de gourou voire les sites suivants: Si vous faites une recherche poussée vous trouverez un article sur le Bed and Brekfast qu'il exploite avec sa femme du côté de thallahasee Floride: ici


So, my commentary to this as Christof Bucherer, Master of Divinity, author of Wikipedia articles, is : «(given information, that the group ceased to bei in 1991/1991 (without Jean Michel). The goup dissolved in Suisse, France and elsewhere (I wonder where !). But read Paul Rankcs book:

"Et si ce n'était pas vrai ? Une évaluation de la doctrine de Jean-Michel Cravanzola" published in 1979 at the publishing house Rocher Lausanne (Suisse) could clarify

Maschpro says :

« Incredible the base (cheek, nerve) of this type: Cravanzola has taken refuge in the USA (and) continues its activities of guru even the following sites:

If you do a thorough search you will find an article about the Bed and Brekfast that he operates with his wife from the side of Thallahasee Florida »


Ok ! I did ! And what did I find ? Look for yourselves:

Look at the pictures and read all the reviews. Do you find anything about religeon or proselitism!? What I found is cultured and high class!


Can't praise it highly enough!

5  on October 03, 2016

My husband and I have enjoyed The Cottage B and B several times and can tell you that we have been treated beautifully every time. A truly European adventure right in little Monticello, FL.


This is what Jean-Michel wrote me in facebook when I told him what is being said in Wikipedia about him:

Yes they are not interested in the truth, if not ( here is ) their thanks for all your work and your efforts! It is true that I was judged falsely without any accounting proof nor by the accounts of our companies. But it an intrigue rose of all sorts arose with the political left and jealous denominations and the press. Yes I have never saught credit by false pretence with anybody. Thank you good courage peace and love in Jesus on you and your family, amicably ! JM

The witch hunt is going on in the internet, and human rights are not repected concerning his status as a citicen nor against his religion. If I cite Swiss law, it pertains certainly to American and international law concerning discrimination, which each country had to ratify. Answer of Wikipedia was, that American law overrules Swiss law ! In Jean Michels case that means, they can do and leave with him as they want! They claim fairness and do partiality!


I cite Wikipedia

citing Mathew Henry at the very end (summarizing what they say about that matter) about the commandto bear not false witneess against your neighbour“ (Exodus 20:9):


1.    Matthew Henry taught that the prohibition against false witness concerns our own and our neighbor’s good name. “Thou shalt not bear false witnessforbids: “1. Speaking falsely in any matter, lying, equivocating, and any way devising and designing to deceive our neighbor.

2.    Speaking unjustly against our neighbor, to the prejudice of his reputation; and (which involves the guilty of both).

3.    Bearing false witness against him, laying to his charge things that he knows not, either judicially, upon oath (by which the third commandment, and the sixth and eighth, as well as this, are broken), or extrajudicially, in common converse, slandering, backbiting, tale-bearing, aggravating what is done amiss and making it worse than it is, and any way endeavoring to raise our own reputation upon the ruin of our neighbor’s." *

·         I could not find the link (no. 60) which Wikipedia gives!

I checked on Mathew Henry myself:

« The ninth commandment concerns our own and our neighbour's good name. This forbids speaking falsely on any matter, lying, equivocating, and any way devising or designing to deceive our neighbour. Speaking unjustly against our neighbour, to hurt his reputation. Bearing false witness against him, or in common conversation slandering, backbiting, and tale-bearing; making what is done amiss, worse than it is, and in any way endeavouring to raise our reputation upon the ruin of our neighbour's. How much this command is every day broken among persons of all ranks!“ Source:

And I checked the souce text of Wikipedia and followed their link. And since i could not find Mathew Henry in their given Link (Link dead in this case!), I found this instead:

„MONTGOMERY, Alabama, Feb. 16/Covenant News Wire Service/ -- Judge Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Vietnam Veteran, and Chairman of the Foundation for Moral Law, sent a letter to President George Bush today urging our Commander-in-Chief to protect the right of military chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus.“!!!


As Jean Michel does not seem to preach to his secular American guests, Commander-in-Chief, that ist the US-President, shall protect the right to pray in the name of Jesus! So, that is what Jean Michel does for you, if you kindly ask him over phone or on facebook and he will not charge you to pay any money for it, since he is looking well after his guests and has a good income!


So, because I also wondered, what happende to former Evangelists, I got in touch with Jean Michel Cravanzola through the intenet and over phone and learned the truth by myself and not through dead links of Wikipedia or other slandering books!


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Christof Bucherer, Master of Divinity in theology, retired author, theologian, organ- and pianobuilder