Bucherer Pianos
Christof Bucherer, M.A., M.Div. (www.lutherrice.edu)
Orgel- und Klavierbauer EFZ (pensioniert)
Lysssstr. 10
CH-3322 Schönbühl
Tel. 031 859 46 06

Bild von ca. 1965: Roland von Bohr (Bildhauer), mein Vater,
singt mir und meiner Mutter (Wilhelmine Bucherer, Harfenistin) gerade russische Lieder vor

Ich lernte von 1969-1973 Orgelbauer bei der Firma Th. Kuhn AG, Männerdorf.
Nach einigen Monaten als Geselle in dieser Firma bildete ich mich weiter und
fand kurze Zeit darauf Arbeit bei der Orgelbaufirma Neidhardt, St. Martin/NE.
Weitgereist (u.a. Missionar der SIM in Afrika – vor und nachher Theologiestudium – sie Links bei engl. Lebenslauf unten) und in Berührung gekommen mit Instrumenten aller Art
verkaufte, stimmte, spielte und reparierte ich viele Klaviere.
1993 konnte ich die Klavierbauerprüfung mit Erfolg ablegen. Von 1986 an führte ich in Schönbühl mein Geschäft Bucherer Pianos. Seit Frühling 2016 bin ich pensioniert.

English CV
Grown up in Rüschlikon ZH, I now live in Urtenen-Schönbühl BE, Switzerland. I was born 4th on April 1953 and am the son of Wilhelmine Bucherer 1 and Roland von Bohr. 2 I trained to be an organ builder at Orgelbau Kuhn AG from 1969-1973 3 in Männedorf.

After my apprenticeship I worked in this company for a few month before having to go to the military (but due to back problems, I was sent home again - and I had no job. So, I decided to get further education, went back to school again at a private School in Lucerne called "Institut für Programmierten Unterricht 4 and after two semesters, found work at the organ company Neidhardt&Lodth, later called Manufacture d'Orgues St-Martin 5 for nine month, after which I wanted to learn English in London, at a school called "Abbey Missionary School for the English Language", now found under Abbey Christian School. 6

After a two years of Bible College training at sbt Beatenberg (free evangelical) 7 and one winter semester of 5 1/2 months at Bible College Emmetten (pentecostal, presiding Rev. Jakob Zopfi 8, 9 I married in the Canton of Berne in 1977 (we raised 6 children in due time, 5 girls and 1 boy (picture)

We went for three years to England to learn better English and work as Church Workers at Silverstreet (now Godmanchester) Baptist Church, 10 Godmanchester, Cambs. And went for four semesters to train at All Nations Christian College, and spent 6 weeks for language training at Summer Institute of Linguistics, Horsleys Green, High Wicombe, England 11. After one year in Switzerland we served with SIM Mission12 in Ghana.

After that I worked as a piano technician, helped to set up HIOB Switzerland, 13 worked fort the Salvation Army in the Refugee Dpartement 14 for 7 month and then started my own business in Urtenen-Schönbühl 15 from 1986 onward, and also took time to earn two further degrees at the Evangelicasl Departement oft the University of Berne, spread over many years as "Auskultant" 16 Diploma in Hebraicum, Greaecum; Latin (two semesters), Old Testament History of "Deuteronomist – Deuteronomistisches Geschichtswerk" (with Prof. Dr. Walter Dietrich, 17 Religionspätdagoik, Modern Hewbrew, The Doctrine of Christ at the Departement of Christian Chatholic Theology taught by Prof. Dr. Herwig Aldenhoven (1933-2002) 18 , 19 and Prof. Dr. George for Church History fort he Middle Ages 20 and Luther Rice College & Seminary, (many courses in Switzerland and German with Dr. Min. W. Beck, 21 six courses with Luther Rice accreditation with IGW 22 of and by corresponcence 23 which culminated in a Master of Arts degree in Ministry in 1988 and a Master of Divinity-degree 24 in 2001, recognized by TRACS 25 and herewith by the United States Department of Education. 26

From 1987-1990 I was co-founder of the Verein Seelsorge-Taxi Bern and served as board member and treasurer. We called Rev. Paul Berger to be our president. 27 1993 I also could pass the test for the Swiss Piano Technicians Guild SVKS in 1993. 28

which is closely related to the Musical Instruments Builders Switzerland 29 (organ pipe builders, organ builders, piano builders (or more commonly in the French part of Switzerland and in English are called: "piano technicians"), brass instrument builders. So, therefore, I am member of the Piano Technicians Guild of Switzerland. 30

Since spring of this year I am retired and moved to a smaller location at Lyssstrasse 10 in Urtenen-Schönbühl. I am interested in organ music, piano music, music in general, internet and theology. facebook

On YouTube I have a remarkable You Tube Playlist. Especially the Linklist on Bach gives me much joy! Or I like to listen to a concert of the huge organ of the Great Cathedral Organ (Grossmünster-Orgel) of Zurich, by Hans Vollenweider (Zentralbibliothek Zurich), 31 who was organist there and had taught me how to play the organ! 32

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