Christof Bucherer, cand. Dr. theol.


1. The Gifts & The Calling of God:

BS 513 Audio (no description) 


2. Comparative Religions & Hermeneutics

TH 5123 Audio Dr. Craig Lokken This course gives an analysis of the major world religions in comparison to Christianity, and detail rules for studying the Word of God.


3. A Survey of Bible Doctrine (Christian Apologetics I):

TH6913 Textbook Dr. Charles C. Ryrie / Dr. William T. Burdette Sr. This course offers an easy-to-understand overview of the various doctrines of the Bible. This course will help students who want to understand what the Bible teaches. The topics covered includes the Importance of Bible Doctrine, What Doctrine is, What God is like, The inspiration of The Bible, Christ, The Holy Spirit, the Angelic world, the nature and depravity of Man, Salvation, The Church and what the future holds.


4. Know What You Believe

TH6923 Textbook Know What You Believe (Christian Apologetics II) Textbook Paul E. Little / Dr. Cynthia Simpson This course is an in-depth study of what the Christian Faith teaches about God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit. What a student should know about angels, Satan and demons. What place the Bible and Church should have in some one's life.

5. The Doctrine of God & Salvation:
TH 623 Audio Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy This is a study of the revelation God has given of Himself, His existence, nature, names, attributes, and works; and the study of the nature, work, and divinity of Christ. Also, it is a study of the different aspects of Salvation, Justification, Sanctification, Redemption, Adoption, and the New Birth.

6. The Doctrine of Last Things:

TH 573 Audio Dr. R. Clifton Drawdy This is a study of the events of the final days of man, including the various interpretations of how the end times will develop. (nearly finished)

7. The Unchangeable Laws of God: https://The Unchangeable Laws of God.html

Aufsatz: Ich liebe Idi Amin von Festo Kivengere:


TH 5293 Audio Dr. Kurt Huth This course will examine the two laws given by Jesus… are these it or do they include many laws? If so what are they… have they passed away or are they unchangeable. This course will answer these and many other questions.

8. The Parables of Jesus Christ

TH 5193 Audio Dr. John R. Vick This course will focus on the time when Jesus walked the earth as a man and ministered to multitudes of people. In fulfillment of scriptures he spoke in many parables that were not intended to be understood by all who heard. In this course, we look at the major doctrines covered in the parables of Christ by taking a snap shot look at 6 parables and the six most common doctrines. Take a step back in time to see how Jesus used parables to minister and how we can become more effective in ministry today through communication of kingdom principles.

Deutsch: Lektion_8_Die_Gleichnisse_Christi.html Kp. 1-4

9. Jesus, From the Beginning

BS 633 Audio Dr. Kurt Huth This course is a biblical study showing the reality of Jesus in the Old Testament

10. The Covenants Old & New

BS 653 Audio Dr. Craig Lokken This is an in-depth study of the Old Covenant God made with His chosen people, Israel, and the New Covenant He made with mankind through the death of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

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